The New Kings saga:-
There can be no bigger failure to a man who has not lost his courage, his charisma, his respect,
his strength or his confidence and been in a moment of weakness.
There is no bigger failure than not accepting that we have all been there, atleast once in our life..
He who accepts is a King i believe,
A King Who has the potential to be,
Brave enough to be vulnerable…
Strong enough to be sensitive…
Confident enough to listen to the women in his life, and actually believe them…
Being honest, giving voice to your fears and asking for what you need are necessary
components for physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy, and to be emotionally naked to the
world is no easy.
If you have to pretend to be stronger than you are all the time, know that there exists an ongoing
internal battle to risk vulnerability and face the fear of being perceived as needy.
In making a choice to lower the emotional drawbridge, you must be willing to accept that the
person you open your heart to, is not responsible for meeting your needs or even validating
potential disappointment.
Vulnerability isn’t weakness but in reality-It is a state of courage and embedded acceptance for
our purest humanly nature. 
By lowering our defenses, we can allow feelings to resurface and resistance to be released. But
for those who have been judged, lessened or rejected, shame can override the desire for joy.
Its like we all have been given these societal roles to play and put on our masks of masculinity
and femininity since childhood. 
and we are to socialized to not to remove these masks
or are we scared to remove it..?
and if you are scared then are you even the King you always pretend to be?

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