Am i wounded?
Am i shattered?
Well, hold that thought. 
I live in the woods,
But i am not afraid of those self-proclaimed King of the woods.
I have been through hell,
But my lights aren’t that dim as on yet,
My destiny is not to rule,
Neither it is to submit and bow,
So I fight and I bleed..
But with honour and pride, which precedes..
I live,
I adore,
And i savour what i have.
I am content and this is all i wish to ever have!
I am no King, who’s here to conquer it all,
All for once and become history one day,
I am a Queen, I do not just conquer lands,
But i am here to stay!
I am Nymeria
I am no prey,
I am a predator,
And i am here to stay!

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