People often ask ..
Who are you?
And i wonder..Who am I?
Do they mean where I’am from?
Or what I one day might become?
-What I do? 
Or What all I’ve done? 
-What I dream?
Do they mean ..what they see? 
Or what all I’ve seen?
-What are my fears?
Or what fear even means?
They ask, who i love?
who i have lost?
And it makes me wonder..
Do they even wanna know the real me??
Amidst the chaos, came a voice..
A voice with no questions but answers!
Moving beyond the who, why and what of me, the voice said..
I know.. 
And it is all i will ever need to know.
With utter calmness, the voice continues..
You are no prince, i must say..
You are not easy, i must say..
You are not like the rest, i must say..
You are rare, you are strong and yet so pios and pure inside out.
Because today, i must say..
You are not a prince but a King! 
A king of not just guns and mosses but you are the king of roses..!!

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