Message to the soul

To my dear soul
Why are u so afraid of the silence..?
Silence is the root of everything if you give into it’s void..
Hundreds of voices screaming out loud to break that silence..
In that moment i wish to look inside, inside me..
I wonder..
Are u really ready to see that alterego on the other side..
The hidden face of yours..
That u reveal in front of the mirror
I don’t pray the dead 
I don’t pray the alive
But I pray the person standing inside that mirror.. 
the inner me- on the other side!
Now be silent
Let the person who creates the word speak..
He made the lock 
He made the key 
He also made the door 
Door to the place where you want to be..
You see you were born with the potential
You were born with the ideas and dreams.
You were born with the wings
You were born to fly!

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