I am a nobody

an empty can,
an empty vessel echoing silence,
I am nobody,
And yet like anybody,
Who wrestles with God and dilemmas of mind and heart.
I am an empty vase,
I see through glass,
I do not exist without the reflection of you.
I am a Shadow in the night,
In the dark,
I am discreet but i exist,
I work in silence,
Because it is the silence who talks to me.
I fear no one but myself,
I spot errors the way
I spot terror in the eyes of my reflection,
I learned to see things,
As I surrender to the 
Reality of my insanity.
I may be some 
Mongoose or mice
Living in the den of snakes
But all i know is
I may be somebody,
But today
I am a nobody
That everone knows!

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