Full Moon Night

It was a full moon night,
With darkness around,
And scary sound,
With no stars blinking,
Sitting on the shore of the angry sea,
With waves touching the feet,
Trying to conquer the land, 
With fear in the heart,
There was a tap,
A tap on the shoulder,
He turned around to see the reflection of the fear,
Fear of falling and failure.
The moon stood there silently,
Watching a person fighting with the fears, 
Watching what a person wants to let go of,
Things that he never wants to leave behind.
Moon stood there, 
Nothing moved it,
Nothing stirred it to life,
Nothing melted it’s core,
Just some moon light,
Killing the darkness,
Telling that,
Letting go isn’t the end of the world,
It’s just a new beginning of a new life.
As I sat there,
It reminded me of us,
Us as people,
Us as humans,
Us as society.
Equally cold.
Equally frigid.
Equally indifferent.

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