You are your own creator:-
living in an ego-based culture where the false self is fed and nurtured where the true self is left
lying dormant..
Awakening can be when your true self can be fed up with the empty promises and decides to
take action..
But the Universe has a way of waking your true self up. You’re having a bad day and nothing
seems to go your way and your frustrated and feeling overwhelmed and you just want the world
to stop for a second and live on your own.
The moment when you realize that all this time you were living someone else’s life, trying to
achieve the things that others have.. but why..??
If are a dreamer then dream your own dreams, stop copying the dreams which other people
You reach a turning point with all this and you realize things about life and yourself and the world
around you.
Sometimes we feel locked in jobs, houses, relationships and situations that drain us of energy.
These things can build up until we reach a breaking point with it all.
If your life is a disaster then great! Now we’re getting somewhere.
Life doesn’t just happen to you, you happen to life. 
But if you magnify that experience of the flat tire and negative things that happened..
Every road have a new experience.. every walk every talk… 
But look at your self who you really are and what can u do…
You create yourself..
You are your own creator..
And no one else can do it better for you..
They say “you live most of your life in your mind, make sure it’s a better place to be”.
Take a deep breath and live your own life… Draw your life.
Run.. fight.. and ignore..
And you will find yourself in a magical place..
Your magical place..
a place where the past and the future fail to hold much power and you discover that where you
are right now is exactly where you need to be.

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