Are you lost?

-Are you lost..??
-At the end of the day that’s all we are damaged from the tremendous effects of loss and
But remember with each pause is an offer to create ladders to achieve heights to reveal the
correct path.
You met with a cool and intense stare
That was met in the middle with massive frames that dance furiously without rhyme and rhythm
I don’t know which one could have killed the other
Somehow your collectiveness was able to control the heading of this inferno out of your way
easily, But you are not concerned with who it will burn and destroy next.
To me, you are the destroyer.
Destroyer of yourself..?
Destroying so that you can built again.
In a better way. 
Don’t think you are evil,
Contemplate the idea of death after suffering..
That’s one exit..
Time gives us many exti door but it’s on us which one to take..
So close the eyes and think again…
Are you lost..?
Or just searching for the exit door..?

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